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CTIS 2023 录用文章列表

Research on the auxiliary compiling method of process document based on knowledge graph and digital twin
Yi Zhao, Kecai Meng, Yuyang He, Xiaolong Zhang and Zihan Wang
Keywords: Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality, Simulation and Modeling, Aircraft Assembly

Improved K-Means Clustering Based on Differential Evolution
Suping Liu
Keywords: K-means clustering; differential evolution algorithm; cluster center

Comparative Evaluation for Alternative Variable Importance Rankings for Pedestrian Injury Severities
Yichi CHENG and Yongping ZHANG
Keywords: Pedestrian injury severities; Variable importance ranking; Log-likelihood ratio test; Random Forest; Principal Component Analysis

A Software State Synchronization Method Based on Dynamic Heterogeneous Redundancy Architecture
Hong Yu, Zhengbin Zhu and Xue Pei
Keywords: heterogeneous redundancy; state synchronization

Quantum properties of nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond coupled to mechanical resonators
Qinghong Liao, Min Xiao, Haiyan Qiu and Menglin Song
Keywords: NV center, mechanical oscillator, precision measurement, electromagnetically induced transparency, optical method

Effective Machine Learning-Based Skin Disease Diagnosis
Rohit Kumar, Hwang-Cheng Wang, C. Shyamala Kumari, Saurav Kumar Gupta, B. Mukundan
Keywords: EfficientNet B0, Pytorch, Transfer Learning, Convolutional Neural Network

The active control study of a damped two-level smart spring system
Zhenkun Li, Chen Liu, Qiyou Cheng, Xing Lu, Zhizhuang Feng, Longtao Xing
Keywords: Simulation and Modeling, and Automation, Vibration Reduction , active vibration reduction, smart spring

Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm Parameter Prediction Using a Convolutional Neural Network
Ningyi Xie, Xinwei Lee, Dongsheng Cai, Yoshiyuki Saito, and Nobuyoshi Asai
Keywords: Quantum Computing, Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm, Machine Learning

Automatic non-HD license plate recognition with dual attention mechanism
Danchun Yang, Hui He, Guoping Xie, Haihua Xing
Keywords: Signal Processing and Telecommunication, Machine Learning

Transferring two atomic quantum states at one step between separated cavities
Zi-hong Chen
Keywords: PACS numbers: 03.67.Bg, 42.50.Dv, 42.50.Pq

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